Conference 2015

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Historical Network Research
International Conference 2015

The Historical Network Research is pleased to announce its 3rd Annual conference. Having been held in Hamburg in 2013 and Ghent in 2014, this year it will be held in Lisbon, on 15-18 September 2015.

For some time now, historical research has been conducted using the theories, methods and practices of the field of social network analysis. Conceptually, with its emphasis on the understanding that the actors and their actions are part of a saturated world of relations and dynamic bonds, this field opens up multiple possibilities of historical inquiry. What’s more, this approach sustains empirical work that can explore documental archives, textual sources or even oral history approaches.

Echoing the emerging trends in historical research, the IHC (Institute of Contemporary History), Lisbon (UNL-FCSH) and the  IN+ Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research, Lisbon (IST, U Lisboa) will host, in September 2015, the 3rd Historical Network Research Conference.

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